Riesling can be a bit of a chameleon, able to produce a range of styles from dry, semi-sweet and sweet.  This versatile grape is light skinned, allowing absorption of the summer sun and harvested in the cool of the night, producing a wine with intense fruit flavours. A dry acidic style will throw all those lovely citrusy notes as well as apricot, nectarine and pineapple with crisp green fruit on the finish.  A blended Riesling (such as Traminer Riesling) is sweeter and all floral, fruity and musk while sweeter still is a late harvest style with aromas of  citrus blossom and flavours of ripe fruit.

Forget the lager, the tartness (acidity) of a dry style Riesling makes for a perfect accompaniment to spicy Indian or Asian cuisine. Try Tandoori lamb cutlets or chicken korma curry.



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