Nero D’Avola

An Italian varietal, this grape has soft black berries which love the Riverina’s warm Mediterranean climate. A great example of an alternative red, Nero D’Avola expresses the region’s distinctive terroir. By terroir we mean the taste and flavour imparted in the wine from the environment the grapes have grown in, including soil, climate and landscape. The Nero D’Avola is a medium bodied red wine with cherry aromas and flavours of sweet spice, plum, cherry and dried herbs. A wine that excels with food.

“This wine is compatible with a wide range of dishes, in particular gourmet pork sausages. We generally eat fresh seasonal produce, so in my house, whatever is in season will match Nero D’Avola,” Emma Norbiato Winemaker @ Calabria Family Wines.

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